👋🏾 I am Nia Marie I’m 31 years old from the



St. Thomas Virgin Islands🇻🇮


When I was born 🤰🏿I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia 💉 & the rest was history!


Nice to meet all of you!

👸🏾 Nia Marie! 🤗






















I’ve been through many of the typical issues (& some not so typical) associated with SCA including… 


  • Phenomena
  • accuse chest syndrome
  • fevers 🔥
  • infections
  • bladder failure
  • heart palpitations and tachycardia
  • vomiting up bile 🤢
  • blacking out  for days 😵
  • allergic reactions to drugs 🤧
  • allergic reactions to IV fluid
  • loss of feeling in my jaw since 2011 until now
  • extreme drop in hemoglobin (4.5)
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • accused of drug seeking 💉
  • being coerce to get blood transfusions and exchanges
  • miscarriage 👼🏾
  • forced to shave my head due to my hair locing from laying in a hospital bed too long 💇🏾
  • being fired from jobs 🙅🏼
  • dropping out of college
  • prescription drug withdrawal 
  • severe insomnia 👁
  • loss of “friendships”/“relationships”
  • depression  😪
  • anxiety
  • paranoia  👀
  • helplessness
  • extreme weight loss 💀
  • constant ringing in ears until this day 🛎
  • month long crises 
  • and much more! 






Despite all I’ve been through I still was able to have minimal hospitalizations due to my parents being able to understand how to care for someone with sickle cell. My sister Kishma was their “guinea pig" LMBO! 😂  (her words not mine) so she took the blunt of their sickle cell ignorance.


During a very long crisis I was dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Sickling Disorder)  like many of us do. I was depressed 😔, crying 😭 , feeling like I was over everything 🙅🏾 so I decided to try to take this disease into my own hands. I went where any intellectual looking for sound medical advice would go YouTube 😂! I started looking up sickle cell anemia and looked at a few videos that were less than helpful & only dwelling on the pain and medical advice which hasn’t worked for anyone yet! Eventually I looked up natural remedies for sickle cell anemia and bumped into the catalyst for my healing journey Dr. Sebi.


That day while laying in bed unable to walk without someones help I watched many Dr. Sebi videos and gained a great connection to what he taught 👨🏿‍🏫  Some things that stood out were eating what your ancestors ate 🍏🍐🍌🍉🍇🍓🍒🍈🍑🍅🥑, making sure you do not eat canned  or microwaved foods & only eating foods that are from nature. NEVER hybrid or genetically modified 🥝🍆🥕🌽🥜🍞🧀🍳🥓🥞🍤🍕🌭🍔🍟🌯🍣🍦🍰🍮🍭🍩🍿🥛🍺🥂🍷🍸! 


As soon as I gained enough strength 💪🏾  to go outside and walk on my own I went immediately to the grocery store with his nutritional guide in hand ready to try all these new fruits, veggies, grains, teas, sweeteners, sea salt etc. in the previous 24 years of my life it never occurred to me that what I was eating could be the cause of all the issues I was having in my life but now I have a second 💨 .


Since 2010 I haven’t been a perfect “Sebien Alkaline Vegan” & I still struggle with keeping my diet on track, I still have a ways to go to but I am WAY WAY WAY better than I was back then. 




Since I started on my healing journey the following things have helped me to get to this point…



  • Cut out all over the counter pain meds
  • Incorporated CBD, Kratom, various herbs and Marijuana into my life as an alternative to over the counter pain meds
  • Stopped eating McDonald’s since 2012
  • Very rarely eat meat or dairy and when I do I only “taste it” (A chick ain’t perfect 🤷🏾‍♀️)
  • Use a electrical heater in my living space at all times my apartment stays around 82˚ 🔥 
  • Left the workforce 💼 & became an entrepreneur so I didn’t have to worry about missing work due to sickle cell crises 
  • Removed any voluntary relationships that were causing mental anguish 🤦🏾‍♀️ harm me 👊🏾
  • Given myself permission to say NO to anything/anyone that I know would not leave a positive impact on my life
  • Allowed myself to rest and take time for myself when my body is telling me it needs a break
  • Incorporated mandatory vacations into my life to get closer to nature & replenish my sprit
  • Started seeing a psychologist 👩🏾‍⚕️
  • Implemented deep breathing 💨 into my daily life
  • Used positive thinking 🤔 and the universal law of attraction 👑✨👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ☮️🏡🛫🥑🍉🌴💰🌍 
  • Implemented sound therapy and meditation into my daily life
  • And much much much MORE!!! 


I have now became extremely particular about my consumption I no longer “aimlessly” watch television 📺 , I NEVER listen to the radio 📻  or watch the news  I have dwindled my circle down to people who bring forth a more positive perspective and I’ve cleaned my social media up by unfollowing anyone who’s posts don’t align with my current values and purpose in life 👋🏾 .


PS: What I wrote in the beginning actually is all that qualifies me to be a sickle cell healer! If you were born with sickle cell anemia then you are 100% qualified to be a sickle cell healer as well! 


When will you begin your practice? 


Keep it 💯 with YOURSELF! 


- Nia Marie 




You hit so many great points overall this article anyone can apply to their life cause we all have something we need to heal whether physical, mental, emotional. Inspired me reading also that when you take time to write n share outside of social media it doesn’t matter if you get 1 or 100 visitors you are still serving spirit making and impact living in purpose. Social media as programmed us for instant gratification with likes but we have to get back to just doing it for spirit, purpose and love. So many artist teacher in the past didn’t even get credit or even made money til their death but guess what they served their purpose of offering to the world what’s inside of them. All that to say this inspired me on so many levels just now to share what I know even if it’s just one person. Thank you keep going pick up where you left off don’t stop!!! It’s not about perfection or having it all together it’s a Marathon !!! As Nipsey said …Also irony spirit woke me up 3 am this morning I didn’t wanna pray then somehow lead to your page after all these years and spirit spoke to me instead through your post. Keep posting girl look years later how you impacted someone❤️☀️🙏

I don’t have sickle cell but most of the lifestyle changes you made… particularly your diet is the answer to most of our physical ailments. This was a helpful and read. Thanks for sharing !

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